What is an E.P.C.?

E.P.C. stands for Emergency Pet Contact. Often times these are people in our pet’s lives outside of our own personal emergency contacts i.e. pets sitters, dog walkers etc.

Do I have to completely fill out all of my pet’s profile information in order for my account to be active?

Although we recommend that your profiles are as detailed as possible all that is required is that you fill out your own profile, your pets location and that you receive confirmations from your E.P.C.’s. The more detailed your information the easier it will be for your E.P.C.’s to execute the needs of your pet.

What if my pet’s information changes (i.e. diet, medications, routines)?

Our dynamic platform allows you to change and update your own and your pet’s information anytime you wish. Just login and complete or update.

What if the drop down option does not apply to my pet?

We have made sure to put special instructions fields throughout the site and will continually update the site based upon user feedback.

Does Help2Pet come to my house? No

Help2Pet is a notification service pushing your pet’s unique profile to your designated E.P.C.’s (Emergency Pet Contacts). Our representatives then reach out by phone and email to confirm that your E.P.C.’s have successfully received your pet’s informational profile.

How can my EPC’s gain access to my pet?

As part of your I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) plan subscribers must exclusively make any and all pet accessibility arrangements with their E.P.C.’s independent of Help2Pet. Help2Pet does not store or provide information regarding 3rd party access to your pets.

What if I lose my I.C.E. Card or need replacement clings:

Help2Pet offers replacement cards and clings as a replacement set for $9.99 and is sent via USPS. Expedited shipping will be charged dependent upon shipping method and recipients address.

What if I no longer own my registered pet?

Help2Pet is an owner based subscription service and is not transferrable within a billing cycle. If your pet changes hands it will be the new owner’s responsibility to subscribe to Help2Pet at their own expense.

What if I have more questions?

Please reach out to us at: questions@help2pet.com or submit our form:

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