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What is Help2Pet?

Help2Pet is an always FREE service where you can upload your pet's history, records, medical needs, nutrition, and unique information for easy access all in one place. This provides you with a dashboard of complete information for your pet that can be updated in real time, anytime. You can also choose Emergency Pet Contacts that we will notify in case of an emergency so you will always have peace of mind that your pet will be properly cared for in any situation.

Detail Pet's Diet and Medications

Take note of your pet's diet, nutritional needs, medications, daily feeding schedule, and where you buy and store everything.

Share Information Unique to Your Pet

Every pet is different and you can share their likes, dislikes, behaviors, routine, etc. that could help others care for them if needed.

Store Veterinary Records and Medical History

Keep your pet's medical notes and paperwork all in one spot. This makes it easy to keep track of their history and share it with others.

Select Emergency Contacts

In case of emergency, your chosen contacts will be notified and sent your pet's information so they can provide them with the best care.

For Those Who Love Their Pets

Help2Pet provides pet owners with a seamless organizational dashboard that can be updated and changed at any time.

  • Conveniently access and update your pet's information all in one place
  • easily share with others like vet clinics, dog walkers, boarding facilities, pet sitters, etc.
  • have peace of mind your pet will be cared for in case of an emergency
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